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Livestrong, Drew Carey, @Drew: Twitter Goes Nuts

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OK so here’ s the rundown of what’s happening on Twitter with the big name auction deal…

Over the weekend, we reported on Drew Carey’s bid of up to $100,000(if he reaches 100,000 followers by Nov. 9th) for the Twitter name @drew. The name is currently up for auction by Drew Olanoff, who was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, to raise money for LIVESTRONG as an extension of the #blamedrewscancer campaign.News()of Carey’s bid has been spreading like wildfire across Twitter(), as he’s already passed 50,000 followers on his current account (@drewfromtv), up from just 13,000 or so at the start of the month. Now, Carey has upped the ante significantly, telling Shira Lazarof CBS News that he’s willing to donate up to $1 million if he can reach 1 million followers by year end.

In the interview, Carey says he’ll “pro rate” the donation, so if he only gets to 500,000 followers, he’ll donate $500,000. We certainly hope to see it go all the way though, and definitely expect it to given what @drew and @drewfromtv have already been able to accomplish in just a few short days.

Here’s Lazar’s interview with Carey:


Via Mashable

As cyclists we should follow!  Why? Well, because helping to defeat cancer is wicked awesome and supporting Livestrong (cycling’s most notable charity) is also good for cycling.  And cycling in turn is good for health, which also saves lives.

Tweet little bird, tweet! @DrewFromTv,  @Drew, @Livestrong

– The Salty Dog, @SaltyDogCycling


Written by yellow fork

October 7, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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