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SLC to Donate Unclaimed Bikes

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via Salt Lake Tribune

Ever wonder what happens to your bike after the police take it back from the junkie who lifted it for a LSD inspired joy-ride? Well, if it wasn’t registered (don’t feel bad mine isn’t) it typically ends up in the no-man’s land of the city impound.

Salt Lake City, Utah has taken a noble step to make good use of bikes that are left unclaimed for over 90 days.  The bikes will be donated to the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective, a non-profit that does a ton of good for the cycling community as a whole, but especially for low-income folks who need a reliable and independent way to get around.   

“Putting butts on bikes just got a boost.

By unanimous vote, the Salt Lake City Council has agreed to allow the police to donate all unclaimed bicycles to the city’s nonprofit bicycle collective, which fixes them up for low-income residents and refugees — often for free.

“It’s a great way to get those bicycles back into the community where either kids or low-income families have access to efficient and inexpensive transportation,” says Dave Iltis, chairman of the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee. “Given the popularity of cycling, especially as gas prices go up, that total pool — through abandoned or stolen bicycles — could go way up.”

Parties from the mayor’s office and the collective have been working through the details of the resolution for nearly a year. Earlier this month, the council gave its nod. Members say the prospect of putting bikes back on the streets — even if it means losing a few thousand dollars at public auctions — benefits the city by providing alternate transportation and reducing air pollution.

“It’s more of a value-added partnership than it is a donation,” says collective Executive Director Jonathan Morrison, explaining that 30 nonprofits received rehabbed bikes in 2008 — some as many as 150. The majority, Morrison notes, went to the International Rescue Committee, which helps to service refugees.”

Salt Lake Tribune

Now that’s thinking!

– Salty Dog


Written by yellow fork

November 20, 2009 at 8:32 pm

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