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I don’t usually take time away to write about what’s going on in my life with cycling.  I guess that’s mostly because I can barely keep up with it all, let alone sit down and write thoughtfully about it.  With that said, I figured it was time to sum up somethings, so at least I can look back and know what I was doing and when.

So lets start with Advocacy.  Right now I’m working to support several things at the University of Utah.  I’m working on the Climate Action Plan Transportation Team, the Bicycle Master Plan, helping out the Bicycle Collective (, and tonight I’m going to attend my first meeting with the Salt Lake City Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.  I’m also working with some great folks in the University adminstration to start forming the framework for putting together a larger program to improve bicycle planning and promotion on campus. 

On the Academic front almost everything is set for entering the Masters program in City & Metropolitan Planning in Fall 2010.  Just need to submit my personal statement, which I plan to do after this weekend of training in St. George.  I’m going to focus on transportation planning, especially on bicycle planning.  I’ve been reading some great academic texts, that I’ll share later.

In the area that matters most, actually cycling, I’m pretty excited for 2010.  I’ll be racing with the University cycling team (unofficially until may, when I’m an actual student) and also riding with the crew from my local shop.  I’ve got some great rides and races planned for the year, with the hope of getting into the LOTOJA at the end of the season.  I’ll take time to post reviews of the rides/races when I can.  I’m pretty excited to check out the San Diego Gran Fondo , 100 mile of course, in March.  It should be a relaxed century to kick of the season right.

I hope to make some tech/gear upgrades later this year when I’m not so broke.  Until then, it’s just working with what I’ve got.  I’m training on the weekends and almost every night after work until it’s too dark and too cold to be reasonable.  I can’t say how much I’m looking forward to longer days, even more so than warmer weather. 

My special lady friend a.k.a. fiancée has been awesome and so supportive, and it has really helped out.  It’s sweet to have so many people in my life who are supportive and encouraging about my new found passion for cycling.  Also, I’m way stoked that many of my friends (especially CK1) back home in San Diego, have not only taken up cycling, but are sticking with it and loving it too. 

Work is work, but I’m riding in every day… there’s a few more things, but WordPress is being wack, so… end.

Dream a Little Dream!

– Salty Dog


Written by yellow fork

February 10, 2010 at 10:39 pm

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