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From an interview in Cycling and Society, Horten, Rosen, Cox (p. 39), Essay Cycling the City by Justin Spinney, in reference to riding in a busy intersection.

“Yeah, that’s one of the great exciting things about places like that, you have to be super alert because everything is coming at you from all directions, and you’re working on those gaps and you shoot through it and it disappears.  You’re working within …. you know that the gaps are going, it’s like watching a wave break or something; it’s going to be there for that amount of time (snaps fingers) and it’s gone and it’ll never be there again.  And Hyde Park Corner or any of the big complexes really excite and I like that.  Berkeley Square is another one.  You ‘switch on’ to Berkeley Square as soon as there’s a gap …. those moments when you know it’s all happening, they’re really exciting because all your sensory hairs stand up, you’re listening and looking … it’s all crucial (interview, with bike messenger, 11/15/05).”

I just love the comparison of the traffic flow to that of a wave.  Enjoy the ride!

– Salty Dog


Written by yellow fork

February 17, 2010 at 4:20 pm

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