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Tony Kornheiser Turn Your Screw?

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Then join the facebook group letting him know that you don’t think his comments about running down cyclists are funny!

Facebook Group:!/group.php?v=info&gid=379899676399

Audio Here:

Transcript Here:

Contact: ESPN 1-888-549-3776



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March 18, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Visual Values

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Martha Kang McGill illustrates the commuting habits of eight major U.S. cities based on the 2008 U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey.
the fine print…
via For the Love of Bikes
via Out of Habit via Infrastructure

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February 23, 2010 at 4:22 pm

Cycling Quote

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This little piece is a signature line from an e-mail that I received, and I had to share.  It’s just wonderful and I felt much the same this morning riding in a light snowfall as the city was just coming awake.  For the moment, the world was breaking someone else’s heart.  No, not mine, not mine.

“When I go biking, I repeat a mantra of the day’s sensations:  bright
sun, blue sky, warm breeze, blue jay’s call, ice melting and so on.
This helps me transcend the traffic, ignore the clamorings of work,
leave all the mind theaters behind and focus on nature instead.  I
still must abide by the rules of the road, of biking, of gravity.  But
I am mentally far away from civilization.  The world is breaking
someone else’s heart.”  ~Diane Ackerman

Ride & Love

– Salty Dog

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January 26, 2010 at 6:56 pm

Bicycle Advocacy Links & Info

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Bicycle Advocacy Links via BTA (

Adventure Cycling
Since 1973, our mission has been to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle for fitness, fun, and self-discovery. Founded in 1973 as Bikecentennial, Adventure Cycling Association is America’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to bicycle travel, with over 42,000 members nationwide.

Adventure Cycling
150 East Pine Street
PO Box 8308
Missoula, MT 59802

America Bikes
America Bikes is a collaborative effort of leaders of the bicycle community to advocate for positive outcomes for bicycling in the next federal transportation funding bill. America Bikes is a non-profit corporation.

America Bikes Campaign
1612 K Street, NW  Suite 800
Washington DC, 20006

Bicycle Alliance of Washington
The Bicycle Alliance of Washington is a non-profit bicycle advocacy and education organization in Washington State working to develop local advocacy groups and provide information and support to those groups. It also lobbies for cyclists’ interests at the Washington State legislature.

PO Box 2904
Seattle, WA 98111

b.i.k.e. (Bicycles and Ideas for Kids Empowerment)
b.i.k.e. is a non-profit organization that facilitates the development of values and life skills essential for productive citizenship in inner-city youth through bicycling, tutoring, year-round mentoring, and leadership training.

1532 SE Pine Street
Portland, OR 97214

Bikes Belong
Bikes Belong is a national coalition of bicycle suppliers and retailers working together – through national leadership, grassroots support, and promotion – to put more people on bicycles more often.

Bikes Belong Coalition, Ltd.
P.O. Box 2359
Boulder, CO 80306

Cascade Bicycle Club
Cascade Bicycle Club, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, is active locally in advocacy and education and produces several major event rides during the year. The Cascade Bicycle Club aims to promote a more bicycle friendly environment and a more livable community.

PO Box 15165
Seattle, WA 98115

Center for Appropriate Transport
The Center for Appropriate Transport (CAT) is a non-profit organization committed to community involvement in manufacturing, using, and advocating sustainable modes of transportation.  CAT provides education and youth programs, community resources, various product lines, and publishes Oregon Cycling magazine.

455 W 1st Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

City of Beaverton Bicycle Advisory Committee
This committee’s duties include promoting bicycle use in and around the City of Beaverton; providing City staff with public review of proposed projects as they affect bicycles, evaluating the existing bikeway system and recommending development priorities for the Bikeway Capital Improvement Program.

PO Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076-4755

Clark County Bicycle Advisory Committee
The Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) provides direction on bicycle policy, bike related issues, development reviews and comments on road project impacts in Clark, County, Washington.

Staff: Ejaz Khan, Public Works
Phone: 360.397.6118 ext. 4914

Meeting times: Third Tuesday each month, 6 p.m., 1300 Franklin Street, 4th Floor, Vancouver, WA.

Coalition For a Livable Future
The Coalition for a Livable Future is a network of non-profit and community-based organizations working together to create a more equitable and sustainable Portland metropolitan region. The Coalition includes working groups on a number of topics, among them transportation reform, urban design, natural resources and economic vitality.

107 SE Washington, Ste. 239
Portland, OR 97214
Voice: 503-294-2889
Fax: 503-345-0973

Community Cycling Center
The Community Cycling Center runs riding and repair programs for kids 8 to 80. They repair bikes, sell used bikes, and hold several bike events throughout the year.

1700 NE Alberta
Portland, OR 97211
CCC bike safety calendar

Commute Options for Central Oregon
Commute Options promotes transportation choices that encourage healthy individuals, a clean environment, and a strong economy by educating citizens, businesses, and government about the value of carpooling, vanpooling, walking, bicycling, teleworking, and riding the bus. This organization hosts an annual Commute Options Week to recognize businesses and individuals using alternatives to driving alone.

856 NW Bond Street PO Box 2
Bend, OR 97701

Critical Mass
Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride held in over 100 cities worldwide. In Portland, cyclists meet on the last Friday of every month at 5:30 at NW Park and Couch, by the bronze elephant. From there, riders cycle through the evening traffic to various destinations around town. Sometimes there are just a handful of bikers – other times there are as many as 300.

Cycle Oregon
Cycle Oregon, a non-profit organization dedicated to bicycling enjoyment, safety and education, hosts nationally renowned cycling tours through rural Oregon. All proceeds from the ride go to the Cycle Oregon Fund at the Oregon Community Foundation, which helps preserve and protect the special places of Oregon and supports community development projects in the regions through which we ride.

Cycle Oregon, 2125 N. Flint Ave.
Portland, OR 97227
Toll Free: 800.292.5367 (800-CycleOR)

Easy Riders Recumbent Club (ERRC) Oregon
Recumbent merchandise and magazine.

PO Box 1688
North Plains, OR 97133

Eugene Bicycle Coalition
The Eugene Bicycle Coalition provides input on how new construction may impact cyclists, works with the city to fight bicycle theft, works for the extension of the East Bank section of the riverbank trail system; and promotes the use of bicycles for transportation as an alternative to motorized vehicles.


League of American Bicyclists
The League of American Bicyclists’ mission is to promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. With a current membership of 300,000 affiliated cyclists, including 40,000 individuals and 600 affiliated organizations, the League works to bring better bicycling to communities around the United States.

1612 K Street NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20006-2850

Lloyd District Transportation Management Association
The Lloyd District Transportation Management Association (TMA) is a non-profit business association representing large and small employers in Portland’s Lloyd District.

825 NE Multnomah Street, Box 108
Portland, OR 97232

National Center for Bicycling and Walking
The National Center for Bicycling & Walking (NCBW) is the major program of the Bicycle Federation of America, a national, nonprofit corporation established in 1977. Their mission is to create bicycle-friendly and walkable communities.

8120 Woodmont Ave, Suite 650
Bethesda, MD 20814

NW Bicycle Safety Council
The NW Bicycle Safety Council (NWBSC) was founded to educate and promote safety and harmony between cyclists and all others who use the roads.

Mailing address:
4888 NW Bethany Blvd., Ste. K5, PMB 250
Portland, OR 97229

Physical location:
Beaverton Resource Center
12500 SW Allen Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005
This comprehensive web site provides information and registration for bike rides and races in the Portland metro area.

P.O. Box 13511
Portland, OR 97213

Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA)
Promoting better racing in Oregon and the Northwest.

P.O. Box 16355
Portland, OR 97292

Oregon Cycling Magazine
Oregon Cycling Magazine is a project of the Center for Appropriate Transport, and is published 10 times per year. Find articles about racing, rules of the road, bike culture, bike path narratives, and an extensive cycling calendar for the state.

455 W 1st Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Oregon Human Powered Vehicle Association (OHPV)
OHPV is a group of recumbent bike and trike riders. They offer several escorted rides per month throughout the year, and hold monthly meetings at local bike shops.

3450 SE Alder
Portland, OR 97214

City of Portland Transportation Options Division
This city program creates opportunities for Portland area residents to get biking, walking, taking transit, carpooling, and car sharing.

1120 SW Fifth, Rm 800
Portland, OR 97204
503-823-7083 or

Ride Oregon
Ride Oregon is a group effort to document all the great bicycle riding in Oregon.

SHIFT – Bike Fun in Portland
SHIFT works to express Portland’s creative bike culture and highlight bicycling’s positive contributions to the community. SHIFT is a communications network open to everyone interested in all aspects of bicycling. SHIFT folks plan, execute, publicize, and otherwise have a hand in an ever-widening variety of bike-related events.

PO Box 786
Portland, OR 97207

Thunderhead Alliance
The Thunderhead Alliance is the national coalition of state and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations working in unison to break down barriers to safe bicycling and walking in North American communities.

P.O. Box 3309
Prescott, AZ 86302
Community bicycle forum and reviews for all types of bikes. Road, mountain, BMX, recumbent and more.
(512) 507-8299

United Bicycle Institute
One of the nation’s leading bicycle mechanic schools is right here in Ashland, Oregon.

Vancouver Bicycle Club
The VBC sponsors group rides throughout Vancouver and Clark County, and actively supports safe bicycling. Club rides are held throughout the week, as well as Time Trials and event rides.

7205 NW Dale Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98665

Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition
WashCo BTC’s mission is to promote bicycle transportation, protect bicyclists’ rights, and to improve bicycling conditions throughout Washington County, Oregon.

PO Box 1144
Beaverton, OR 97075-1144

Washington State Bicycle Association
Promoting better racing in Washington State and the Northwest.

1535 11th Ave, #300
Seattle, WA 98122

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January 21, 2010 at 8:34 pm

MacAskill Video Back Story

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out one of the tightest Urban Cycling Stunt Vids in the whole world, peep this shizzle!

It’s a pure and inspiring art!  Great soundtrack too…  Anyway the NYTimes has posted some back story on Danny MacAskill and his life on his bike.  The story is a great reminder to follow your dreams and to get out there and ride!

“This was quite a turn of events for MacAskill, who said he rode only for fun and, until he was 18, called his bicycle his best friend. One of six children of a local businessman and an office worker, he grew up in the rural village of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He started riding when he was 4.

“I got my first proper bike at 11 that was a gift from my parents and my aunties,” he said. “I owe them a lot.”

In horizontal rain, cold temperatures and anything else Mother Nature hurled at him, he would ride his bike each day, practicing old tricks and dreaming up new ones.

“I could do the longest wheelie among my friends,” he said.

The police were not amused and frequently cited him for reckless riding, sometimes confiscating his bicycle for weeks.

“I wasn’t an angel, but it was a place where maybe one or two cars would come by every five minutes,” MacAskill said, and that was during rush hour.

Hindered by dyslexia, he left school at 17 and moved to a resort town in the Scottish Highlands.

“My goal in life was to work at Bothy Bikes in Aviemore,” MacAskill said. He stayed there and lived under the watchful eye of his aunt Jean Hamilton.”

– Via

Cycle for Health, Cycle for a Cleaner Earth, Cycle for Love!

– Salty Dog

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December 29, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Fight Over Bike Lanes Goes Old Testament

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Hipsters (maybe) repaint bike lanes removed to appease Hasidic Jews in NYC.

“In response to last week’s removal of bike lanes in the traditionally Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn, a group of local bike riders took it upon themselves to repaint the lane lines running down Bedford Avenue.

The Hasids had asked the city to remove the bike lanes from the neighborhood, claiming the influx of bikers posed a “safety and religious hazard.”

Full Article at Huffingtonpost

Well, one thing is for sure… we could use a few more bike lanes, and even more importantly, a few more ‘hotties’ here in The Salty Dog (SLC).

Paint for the people!

– The Salty Dog

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December 9, 2009 at 8:50 pm

Zack Morris Rides a Bike, Why Don’t You?

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Mark-Paul Gosselaar Bike


It seems the list of “outed” celebrity cyclists is growing.  Now added by the NY Times Mark-Paul Gosselaar, best know for playing Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell.  But, Gosselaar is no joke, he’s actually a Cat 2 racer… more than I can say for myself!

Lately, however, Mr. Gosselaar has developed another distinction: as perhaps the best celebrity-slash-bicyclist in America. Granted, it’s a niche category with no official rankings and a smattering of big names, like Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy” and Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey (both of whom are pals of Lance Armstrong).

Yet Mr. Gosselaar is the real spandexed deal. In and around Santa Clarita, Calif., where he lives, he competes at the Category 2 level, racing in fields that often include professionals. Loren Mooney, the editor in chief of Bicycling magazine, said of Mr. Gosselaar in an e-mail message: “He’s in a different league from all the other public figures who ride a bike. He’s not just out there riding, he’s competing and, in some cases, winning.”

Full article here via

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November 5, 2009 at 4:09 pm