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Tony Kornheiser Turn Your Screw?

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Then join the facebook group letting him know that you don’t think his comments about running down cyclists are funny!

Facebook Group:!/group.php?v=info&gid=379899676399

Audio Here:

Transcript Here:

Contact: ESPN 1-888-549-3776



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March 18, 2010 at 10:01 pm

Cycling Quote

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From an interview in Cycling and Society, Horten, Rosen, Cox (p. 39), Essay Cycling the City by Justin Spinney, in reference to riding in a busy intersection.

“Yeah, that’s one of the great exciting things about places like that, you have to be super alert because everything is coming at you from all directions, and you’re working on those gaps and you shoot through it and it disappears.  You’re working within …. you know that the gaps are going, it’s like watching a wave break or something; it’s going to be there for that amount of time (snaps fingers) and it’s gone and it’ll never be there again.  And Hyde Park Corner or any of the big complexes really excite and I like that.  Berkeley Square is another one.  You ‘switch on’ to Berkeley Square as soon as there’s a gap …. those moments when you know it’s all happening, they’re really exciting because all your sensory hairs stand up, you’re listening and looking … it’s all crucial (interview, with bike messenger, 11/15/05).”

I just love the comparison of the traffic flow to that of a wave.  Enjoy the ride!

– Salty Dog

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February 17, 2010 at 4:20 pm

The Cyclists’ Yellow Pages Online

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I was browsing through the Adventure Cycling Website after they had listed my digital experiment in cycle lust I call a blog and came across a great resource.  If you’re ever looking to search through just about every cycling resource out there then check out The Cyclists’ Yellow Pages.  Below is an image of a sample search I did right quick for Utah Resources.

There’s info on just about everything including:

Bike Shops, Clubs and Rentals
Maps and Guides
Online Resources
Organizations/Government Agencies      Public Lands Access
Resorts and Ski Areas
Trail Information
Other Bike Related Resources

Damn Good Data!

– Salty Dog

Salty Dog has a New Crew

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As I start hitting the trainer in the gym (along with taking advantage of the remaining great fall weather here in Salt Lake) I’ve started thinking about the 2010 riding season.  I’m pretty excited about it as I’ll be riding with a new crew that’s just starting out in SLC. 

We’ll be riding for a new local shop called Lake Town Bicycles.  I’m not sure of our event schedule, but I know that the LOTOJA is a must.  It’s way cool to be part of something from the start.  I’ll be sure to share my experiences, both good and bad here. 

Below is a template for our first jersey done by Aubrey @  More to come…

lake town cycling crew jersey

Make some friends and ride with them!

– Salty Dog

Written by yellow fork

November 6, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Convicted: Dr. Road Rage Thompson

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Christopher Thompson, 60, is convicted of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and other charges in the crash that injured cyclists Ron Peterson and Christian Stoehr on Mandeville Canyon Road in 2008. – Via
dr road rage


It’s fair that the Doc. was hit with heavy charges and I believe it sets a much needed example.  People like Christopher Thompson need to know that there are serious convictions that await them if they attack cyclists.  As cycling continues to grow in the US, road rage will become a more prominent issue.  I hope that this very public trial at least serves to inform the greater public about driving safely around cyclists.

I guess at the root of it, I’m still not sure why so many motorists are angered by cyclists.  I know that there are cyclists who can be irksome at times, but not any more than the average motorist.  I believe that it might be something deeper, something more cultural… maybe some are frustrated with a changing norm or what they perceive to be a sub-culture.  Yet, we would do well to remember (as I posted earlier) that 89 percent of cyclists own at least one car… so we’re not all that different!

The three-week trial in the Superior Court’s airport branch was watched closely by bicycle riders around the country, many of whom viewed the case as a test of the justice system’s commitment to protecting cyclists. The July 4, 2008, crash also highlighted simmering tensions between cyclists and motorists on Mandeville Canyon Road, the winding five-mile residential street where the crash took place… – Full Article Here

Ride & Drive with Love, Not Hate!

– Salty Dog

Written by yellow fork

November 3, 2009 at 4:40 pm

bikes beget bikes

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two bikes

A great article on bicycling and cycling culture and sub-culture was just done by The Temple News Online.  Although, it was written with the Philidelphia community in mind, I find that it’s applicable to most urban riders.  One quote that stood out:

“But, nothing attracts bicycles like bicycles,” he said. “Their presence alone encourages more people to begin cycling.” – Via The Temple News

I think that we inherently know this as true.  Yet, it’s important to remember, because afterall when we are out on the road we’re setting an example.  Each ride counts!

Even though the gamut of cyclists is broad, a lot of riders agree that more solidarity could be established among them. Winn suggested a wave when cyclists encounter each other. Liang said this kind of greeting is almost customary in his hometown of Pittsburgh.

The article is a great read and also provided me with one key take away: despite differences, cyclists have plenty of reasons to come together and to ride together.

Ride With Me!

– The Salty Dog

Written by yellow fork

October 6, 2009 at 10:47 pm

the drive less & ride more diet

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This morning proved to be an interesting cycling experience… First of all, it was freaking 31 degrees outside, fall has swiftly kicked in and felt like a ham-shank at 7:30 am.  Good news was my Northface semi-hard shell performed great.  But, here’s a tip: if you forget your damn gloves up in the apt. don’t be too lazy to go back and get them!

my bike taking a breather on a tree

my bike taking a breather on a tree


So at a stop light, I pulled up next to this massive dude chowing down on some fast food supersized breakfast hamburger beast of a thing.  Honestly, I felt bad for the guy (even though I had skipped breakfast).  Here I am having the commute of my life, feeling alive from the brisk air and stunning vistas, and there he is, trapped in the mobile box.  I’m lean and strong (relative I know) and he’s overweight and slow.  This little moment with the massive man made me think of a little personal motto:


“I’m on the drive less & ride more diet.”

The great thing about this diet is that I don’t have force my self to be on it and I’m freaking loving every pedal stroke.  I love riding; it makes my life more exhilarating, while at the same time bringing me a great inner peace (I’m less of punk at work, with the girlfriend, etc.) 

Just think of all the healthcare savings and the extended lifespans there would be if more people would do the drive less & bike more diet.  People on average would be much sexier too, and no one thinks that’s a bad deal!

Finally, one other awesome thing happened.  A couple of college ladies took the time to roll down the window and give a little holla!  Although, many all guys welcome this kind gesture, it’s important to remember that women cyclists are rarely a fan of the cat call… With that said, it made my day.  The sweet little affermation would have never occured if instead of power pedaling up a hill on a cold morning, I was tucked away in my car.  The best part, it was the bike or the riding of the bike that got me the attention, not the rider.  I’ve included a post ride pic which clearly demostrates just how far from Calvin Klien status I am.  Although, maybe CK should have a cycling team…

hello coldness

hello coldness

Get out there!

Written by yellow fork

October 1, 2009 at 3:21 pm