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Excuses are like…

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This is just spot on, had to share via Cycling Tips

Photo by James Broadway.  BTW, congratulations to James for having a new baby girl this week!

Cyclist are a peculiar bunch.  We can’t let a ride just be a ride. It’s impossible for any of us to admit that a bad day on the bike is due to anything but external circumstance that we have not control over.  We all do it.  At the beginning of a ride we lay out at least one disclaimer of why we’re not going so well.  If it weren’t for this disclaimer you’d be inflicting all sorts of pain on the rest of your mates, so they should consider themselves lucky.

It’s not PRO to rock up and announce to everyone “I’m on fire guys, watch out!”.   It’s all about lowering expectations.  This way if you pull a magical ride out of your ass you’ll look like superstar.  “Just imagine how I would have smashed it if I was on form!” you can say.   However, if you really do ride as pathetically as you said you were going to, then you’ve already laid that on the table.  You can’t lose.

Here are the top 13 disclaimers that I hear (and give) on a regular basis:

  1. “I’m coming back from a stomach virus” (every PRO is always getting over a stomach virus)
  2. “I haven’t ridden my bike in weeks”
  3. “I’ve ridden 1000km in the past week!”
  4. “I can’t get my heartrate up so I’m gonna take it easy”
  5. “My position feels strange today.  I couldn’t generate my usual wattage”
  6. “I’m over my racing weight”
  7. “I’m on a recovery ride”
  8. “I’m creeping”
  9. “I didn’t eat breakfast”
  10. “I ate too much breakfast”
  11. “I didn’t have my morning coffee yet”  (my personal favorite)
  12. “I’m on my heavy training bike today”
  13. “I’m so hungover. I was out until 4am partying but I was still able to meet up this morning”

Last night I raced and used the good ol’ “I’ve got a stitch” excuse.  Worked like a charm when I mucked up the sprint.  😉

I leave you with a video that was sent to me last night that will surely inspire you to get out on the bike this weekend:

Thule “Bike Spot” from Nathan Avila on Vimeo.


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February 24, 2010 at 4:47 pm

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Cycling Quote

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From an interview in Cycling and Society, Horten, Rosen, Cox (p. 39), Essay Cycling the City by Justin Spinney, in reference to riding in a busy intersection.

“Yeah, that’s one of the great exciting things about places like that, you have to be super alert because everything is coming at you from all directions, and you’re working on those gaps and you shoot through it and it disappears.  You’re working within …. you know that the gaps are going, it’s like watching a wave break or something; it’s going to be there for that amount of time (snaps fingers) and it’s gone and it’ll never be there again.  And Hyde Park Corner or any of the big complexes really excite and I like that.  Berkeley Square is another one.  You ‘switch on’ to Berkeley Square as soon as there’s a gap …. those moments when you know it’s all happening, they’re really exciting because all your sensory hairs stand up, you’re listening and looking … it’s all crucial (interview, with bike messenger, 11/15/05).”

I just love the comparison of the traffic flow to that of a wave.  Enjoy the ride!

– Salty Dog

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February 17, 2010 at 4:20 pm

MacAskill Video Back Story

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out one of the tightest Urban Cycling Stunt Vids in the whole world, peep this shizzle!

It’s a pure and inspiring art!  Great soundtrack too…  Anyway the NYTimes has posted some back story on Danny MacAskill and his life on his bike.  The story is a great reminder to follow your dreams and to get out there and ride!

“This was quite a turn of events for MacAskill, who said he rode only for fun and, until he was 18, called his bicycle his best friend. One of six children of a local businessman and an office worker, he grew up in the rural village of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He started riding when he was 4.

“I got my first proper bike at 11 that was a gift from my parents and my aunties,” he said. “I owe them a lot.”

In horizontal rain, cold temperatures and anything else Mother Nature hurled at him, he would ride his bike each day, practicing old tricks and dreaming up new ones.

“I could do the longest wheelie among my friends,” he said.

The police were not amused and frequently cited him for reckless riding, sometimes confiscating his bicycle for weeks.

“I wasn’t an angel, but it was a place where maybe one or two cars would come by every five minutes,” MacAskill said, and that was during rush hour.

Hindered by dyslexia, he left school at 17 and moved to a resort town in the Scottish Highlands.

“My goal in life was to work at Bothy Bikes in Aviemore,” MacAskill said. He stayed there and lived under the watchful eye of his aunt Jean Hamilton.”

– Via

Cycle for Health, Cycle for a Cleaner Earth, Cycle for Love!

– Salty Dog

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December 29, 2009 at 5:08 pm

Salty Dog has a New Crew

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As I start hitting the trainer in the gym (along with taking advantage of the remaining great fall weather here in Salt Lake) I’ve started thinking about the 2010 riding season.  I’m pretty excited about it as I’ll be riding with a new crew that’s just starting out in SLC. 

We’ll be riding for a new local shop called Lake Town Bicycles.  I’m not sure of our event schedule, but I know that the LOTOJA is a must.  It’s way cool to be part of something from the start.  I’ll be sure to share my experiences, both good and bad here. 

Below is a template for our first jersey done by Aubrey @  More to come…

lake town cycling crew jersey

Make some friends and ride with them!

– Salty Dog

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November 6, 2009 at 9:29 pm

Salty Dog: out of the office

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I couldn’t be more stoked!  In just over an hour my long weekend off begins.  I’ll be hanging with my best bike bud from San Diego and cycling all over the SLC valley and canyons.

Needless to say, I’ll not be posting for a few days.  But, when I get back I’ll post some epic pics and hopefully some wild stories.

Here’s a pic of us out riding in SD during the Obama campaign…

salty dog riders

salty dog riders

Ride on, Ride on!

– Salty Dog

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October 8, 2009 at 4:52 pm

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