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This Day, I Rode

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This day, I slowly rode my bike to work,
Gliding across the gentle road,
Like a surfer on that glassy face,
Free from the weight of a crushing world,
This Day, the secret is mine, I know myself.

This morning I felt the soft rays of the late winter sun and thought back to my playful and sun-filled days as a child in San Diego. My heart was warm.

I heard the morning songs of unseen birds.  I remembered that the world wants nothing more from me than it wants from the birds.  Just be and sing your song.  My purpose was clear.

I said hello to a dozen people and stopped to visit an old golden retriever who was laying in the morning frost. I was deeply connected.

I smiled the whole way, and I arrived to work as the happiest SOB in the building, maybe even in the entire city….

This is why I ride!

– Salty Dog


Written by yellow fork

February 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm